Would you like 100 verified exclusive mortgage leads and 30 appointments every month? Then stick around. In this article, we are going under the hood behind what makes Lyncrest Media’s Facebook Ads system better than anything else you’ve used.

It all started after our Founder, Alex Machuca, cold called companies like Pepsi to secure investment capital for a friend’s company called Tacotopia. This journey sparked the launch of Lyncrest Media, one of the fastest growing mortgage marketing companies on the West Coast. Our clients are seeing as high as 500% ROI and we’re unlike any other companies.

This is a small glimpse into the process we use for scaling our client’s businesses and how you can do it yourself.

How the marketing funnel and mortgage buyer journey works

A lot of mortgage brokers struggle to generate leads and increase monthly volume for one simple reason: they don’t understand the funnel and journey their average client goes through. 

They cold call at bad times. They don’t know when prospects are hot or cold. Marketing efforts become a shot in the dark. It’s not measurable or repeatable.

This is an overview of the average journey someone will go through when needing a mortgage.

The first step is awareness. They become aware that they have a problem. In this case, it would be something along the lines of needing a mortgage and affording a home. 

That’s when they begin their research and move into the consideration stage. At this point they are researching local mortgage brokers, lenders, and banks. They are weighing their options.

Finally, they move into the decision stage. This is when they are going to decide on a broker and close a deal. 

Understanding this will set you far ahead of other brokers that are unaware prospects move through a specific funnel when converting. 

Making one of the biggest financial decisions of your life doesn’t happen fast or easy either. These individuals are going to take their time. They are going to perform research, get feedback from others, etc.

Lyncrest Media understands this and it’s one of the biggest reasons we aren’t like any other lead generation company you’ve seen. We deeply integrate this understanding of consumer psychology into our secret Facebook Ads system to build long-term relationships with prospects until we close them. We personally perform the prospecting, outreach, and book meetings before handing them off to you. All you have to do is wait at the finish line. 

That brings us to our next point.

It starts with automated Facebook Ads that build relationships

Facebook Ads are undoubtedly the best way to generate leads and awareness as a broker or loan officer. Hence why there was a total of $10.1 billion invested in PPC during 2017. 

However, the far majority do them incorrectly. They don’t understand how to target specific segments. They don’t use effective sales copy that connects with leads and gets them to take action. They don’t follow up or understand the importance of using several touchpoints.

Here’s the first step.

Lead magnets are the key

One of the most important aspects of a Facebook Ads lead generation system is a lead magnet. This is a free resource that you offer in exchange for prospect’s information. You can then market to them in the backend of your funnel. 

We suggest that you create something tailored to your individual ideal client profile. In your case, it could be a home buyer that’s interested in getting a mortgage. For example, you could create:

  • A report on the latest mortgage statistics
  • A roundup of advice for finding the best lender
  • A local report detailing the best brokerages and banks to get loans

When we run Facebook Ads, we can offer this to prospects within the local vicinity to get their information. That’s when we also use underrated strategies like multi-touch follow ups, our state of the art call center, lead filtering, and more. 

Stick around to learn more about these things and others that make Lyncrest Media unlike any other mortgage marketing company.

Building a lead generation campaign on Facebook

The next step is to build an engineered Facebook Ads funnel. Visit Facebook Ads Manager and click the green “Create” button to start a new ad campaign.

It will ask you what campaign objective to choose from. Select “Lead generation.” This will change the options you have available to set up the ad. 

Name the campaign and optionally enable A/B testing and campaign budget optimization. A/B testing will create variants of the ads you publish to find winning combinations. In fact, testing can increase a company’s conversion rate by 400%. Optional but recommended. Budget optimization distributes your budget across ad sets to get more results for the maximum dollar.

Next, assign the ad set a name. Choose the Facebook Page that will be displaying the ads and use the options “Dynamic Creative” setting. This will generate new headlines, images, and other elements that generate more leads.

Set your budget after this. It doesn’t have to be huge. In many cases we start small and once we find the highest converting sales copy, creatives, and targeting, we double-down and invest much more.

Under the audience section you ideally will use a Facebook Pixel to target the exact people that come to your website. You can also create lookalike audiences based on these people’s demographics and behaviour. If not, don’t worry. Start small and target your local city. Depending on where you live, this could be a lot more affordable since the audience is niched down.

Placements are where your ads will be shown. The “Automatic Placements (Recommended)” option will place ads in the best area for budget and delivery.

Oppositely, you can select “Manual Placements” and choose exactly where to deliver ads such as mobile or desktop newsfeed for example. 

Next, create an “Instant Form” which is an embedded form in your Facebook Ad that collects information.

Assign it a name and choose the “More Volume” option to generate more information. “Higher Intent” is good if you want to add an extra step to filter prospects.

Under “Intro,” select the “Use the image from your ad” option unless you want to display another. The greeting should let prospects know why they’re filling out the form and the benefit of doing so. Remind them they are getting a free resource and how it will improve their life. 

You can add custom questions that further filter prospects and help you understand their wants and needs. Ask them about their pain points and goals. Add the different information you require such as their full name, email, and phone number. 

Once you're satisfied with your form, save it and publish the ad. After it’s reviewed and accepted, you are officially collecting leads through Facebook Ads!

We follow up to 20 times in 6 months

Be honest. How many times do you follow up with leads? Once? Twice? This is a huge mistake. 

You see, following up is absolutely essential for any mortgage broker that wants to increase monthly volume and income. 

Most people you are going to catch a bad time. You don’t know their schedule. They’re still in the research phase. They’re weighing their options. That’s where the follow up saves the day.

Think of following up as steadily increasing the chance you close them as a mortgage client. If each follow up increases it by 10%, by the time you’re at 5-10 follow ups, you’re extremely close!

Here’s what the data says: 80% of sales require at least five follow ups after the initial contact but 44% of people give up after one. 

However, if you’ve ever done follow ups in sales, you know one thing: it takes a lot of time and energy. You’re probably already doing a lot of mundane things like cold calling, prospecting, and want to dedicate your time elsewhere. 

Lyncrest leverages a special follow up system that goes beyond any other mortgage lead generation provider. We leverage up to 20 touchpoints and follow ups across text, email, voice person, and calling. Invest in our outsourced lead generation services so you can kick back and stop stressing over when you’re going to get your next deal.

Lead quality is our top priority

Did you know that there’s a hidden pandemic in the real estate and mortgage lead gen world? It’s one of the biggest reasons that people struggle to increase monthly volume and grow. This is all caused by non-exclusive or shared leads. 

You see, when you purchase leads from Zillow and similar companies, they aren’t yours. Zillow will also sell those leads to any broker that puts up the money. You then compete with dozens if not hundreds of similar service providers. It becomes a race to the bottom and lead quality diminishes.

That’s why Lyncrest Media does the opposite. We target high credit occupations so it has better conversions for your business.  These include teachers, doctors, nurses, etc.

We also send leads to a credit repair company if they need help improving their credit score and practices. Name another lead gen company that does this. We’ll wait.

Additionally, have you ever called a lead that doesn’t know you or why you called? Say goodbye to that. We warm up leads to ensure that they know who you are, why you are calling, and when. This makes the engagement as fluid as possible and maximizes conversions.

Commitment levels can be bad even if it's a warm transfer though. You don't know their lifestyle and catch them at the right time. We make sure these leads are very close to converting unlike other lead gen services. We’ve found all of the risks and we eliminated all of them.

We have a dedicated team in the country and a call center in Texas, unlike the third country ones most companies use. Mortgage brokers run our call centers so phone calls are contextual and high quality. If people pick up the phone and hear an accent, they will immediately associate it with a lower quality service. We pay a premium to do the opposite for you.

We bypass the algorithm and do what most think is impossible

Ever since the Cambridge Analytica scandal, Facebook Ads was never the same again. You can no longer target people based on very specific data. That limits mortgage brokers. 

Unless you know how to game the algorithm and achieve the same thing. You're getting bad leads because they don't know this. Lyncrest Media does and that’s why we get responses like this from our clients:

Wrapping up our mortgage broker lead gen services

We understand how you feel and your situation. You’ve tried mortgage broker lead generation services before and they didn't work. They over promised and under-delivered. That’s one of the reasons we’ve created Lyncrest Media.

Our services revolve around a proprietary Facebook Ads system that focus on hyper-targeting, automated follow-ups, and world-class lead quality. You get 100% exclusive leads and you are welcome to keep them for 6 months even if you aren’t satisfied. 

Ready to double your volume and take your mortgage brokerage business to the next level? Claim your territory today.