You’re cold calling and asking strangers to make the biggest financial decision they will in their entire life. No wonder it isn’t working. 

Many mortgage brokers live in a constant cycle of feast and famine. They get clients after 100 cold calls, lucky referrals, and then wait weeks or longer for another deal. That’s not an efficient way to conduct business.

“There has to be a better way” you think. You’re right. There is. And, that’s what we will be teaching you in this article: mortgage lead generation strategies that knock cold calling out of the park.

Is cold calling dead for mortgage brokers? (Yes, it is!)

Once upon a time, cold calling was cool. It worked. Heck, we would’ve even recommended it. However, times have changed and that means technology has advanced to a point where we need to work smarter, not harder.

It all comes down to numbers and science. The average cold call success rate is a measly 2.5%. That means that you need to nervously call 100 strangers to get 2-3 appointments. If each call takes five to ten minutes, that’s hours of your time that could’ve been dedicated towards higher ROI tasks. 

That brings us to my next point.

Mortgage broker cold calling alternatives

These are cold calling alternatives for mortgage brokers and similar individuals. Deploying these strategies will help you increase monthly volume and generate more leads.

1. Facebook Ads for mortgage brokers

Facebook Ads are the best way for any loan officer or mortgage broker to generate a consistent pipeline of leads and meetings. How do we know this? Because our happy clients at Lyncrest Media have generated insane results with our secret Facebook Ads system.

For example, Eric increased his monthly volume by $2.5 million. Listen to what he say to say:

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Nonetheless, let us guide you through what the backend of setting up an automated Facebook Ads funnel looks like. This will give you a taste of what it's like to have clients land on your lap.

Step 1: Create a new campaign

Go to Facebook Ads Manager and create a new ad by clicking the green “Create” button.

FB ad manager

Then, choose the “Lead generation” option. This will change the type of ad you make and the options Facebook gives you.

Lead gen FB Ads

Ideally you will install a Facebook Pixel on your website to build lookalike audiences. This takes the audience data on your website and allows you to target these individuals and similar ones. It’s a quick way to maximize ad performance and save time versus manually testing audiences.

That brings us to the next step.

Step 2: Add the creatives and sales copy

The creative and sales copy that compose Facebook Ads is important. Very important.

Think of it as a first impression or getting your foot in the door. The visual should catch their eye while the copywriting hooks their emotions and interest. It needs to create a sense of desire and push readers to take action.

The primary goal of this type of campaign is to get prospects to download a free lead magnet. This should be a report, e-book, or similar resources related to their interests and location. For instance, you could make a PDF for:

  • How to buy your first home.
  • Tips for getting a better mortgage.
  • How to budget finances when getting a mortgage.
  • Etc.

Use a free graphic design tool like Canva to create a professional report in minutes. Search for a design, choose a template, and fill it out. 


Afterward, select the “Download” call to action on the last step as we want prospects to download the lead magnet after filling out a form.

Facebook ad copy

Step 3: Generate leads with a lead magnet

The last step is to select “New Form” under “Instant Form.” This will embed a registration form directly into the ad for leads to complete. 

Facebook form type

Enter a name for the form and select the “More Volume” option for maximum leads.We recommend editing the questions you ask to further segment leads. For instance, you might separate leds into buckets such as those refinancing and first time home buyers. These people have different needs and desires.

Select the “Use the image from your ad” option and edit the greeting appropriately. It should tell prospects what they are getting (the lead magnet) and completing the form will give it to them.

Facebook form greeting

If you need a privacy policy generated, consult with your lawyer or use a free generator like this one. The final step is forwarding users to a page on your website or elsewhere to download the lead magnet. Host it on your website or a separate service like Dropbox.

Facebook form details

2. Leverage the power of inbound marketing

Inbound marketing goes hand in hand with outbound sales processes like what we do at Lyncrest Media. It also applies to the Facebook Ads funnel we explained earlier. You see, if you have content to share with leads, it doesn’t just attract them organically, it can be used to empower outbound sales.

For example, imagine you set up a Facebook Ads funnel that targets your ideal client profile. Instead of telling them to click your ad for no reason, you drive traffic to a blog post, case study, or YouTube video you’ve created. 

This builds trust, authority, and makes them feel closer to you. Taking this approach also makes you stand out from the sea of mortgage brokers and loan officers that are doing everything generic.

41% of marketers confirm that inbound marketing produces a measurable ROI and 82% see a positive ROI specifically blogging.

Inbound marketing ROI

Naturally, you might think, “What type of content should I produce?” and we recommend starting with a blog. It’s simple and low-cost. If you’re on WordPress, Wix, Weebly, or any major website platform, it will come with a CMS. If you aren't, sign up for a free account on Medium.

Answer the public

There’s two major components to consider before you begin blogging as a mortgage broker. Content should always attract your ideal client. That means no writing about your dog (as great as he is). Every article must also be optimized for long-tail keywords that are easy to rank for on Google. Don’t worry if this sounds intimidating; I’ll guide you through everything.

Brainstorm what your ideal clients would be thinking, asking, or experiencing like:

  • How do I get a mortgage?
  • How much mortgage do I qualify for?
  • What are the different types of mortgages?
  • Am I a first time home buyer?
  • Etc

You want to answer these questions and provide readers useful resources. This attracts the correct people to your website while building credibility. Try entering a related topic into AnswerThePublic for more inspiration. 

Answer the public

This will display questions, prepositions, comparisons, and other results related to what you entered. Save them as images or CSV files for later.

Answer the public data

Click your profile on Medium and select “Write a story.”


Add the headline of the article in the “Title” section and write the body below it. High-quality content is practical, data-driven, and empathetic. Readers should be able to take what you write about and use it right away.

Use data, statistics, graphs, and charts to back up any claims you make. This takes content to another level. It becomes much more authoritative and trustworthy.

Thirdly, make it inspiring to the individual reading it. Use storytelling to connect to their emotions and situations. Talk about similar experiences and how you overcame them. Provide solutions and resources for the pain points they are experiencing.

From an SEO perspective, click the three dots on the top right of Medium and select “Settings.” You can edit the URL, tite tag, and meta description of the blog post here. The URL should contain the exact keyword you’re targeting. The title tag and meta description should include it as well. 

Publish the article with relevant tags and you’re all done! Share the blog post on social media and to your email list.

3. Use social media (but correctly!)

Let me guess. You probably already have social media accounts on Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, and so on. Great. However, you probably don’t use them correctly. How do I know this? You can do a simple litmus test. If you aren’t generating consistent volume and mortgage broker clients, there’s something wrong.

When done correctly, social media marketing has incredible benefits.

Social media marketing benefits for brokers

Firstly, you increase brand awareness. More people will recognize your talent as a mortgage broker and the services you offer. It will also help drive traffic back to assets like websites and landing pages. Most importantly, it boosts sales and generates leads.

After people engage with your Facebook Ads, there is a good chance they will check out your social profiles to connect and learn more about you. Let’s break down what a good social account looks like with Facebook. The principles will apply to all networks.

Facebook mortgage broker cover

Note how this broker has a professional display picture and cover photo. You can hire a graphic designer or use Canva as we previously mentioned. The about section is filled out with a name, hours, website, phone number, and email.

Facebook mortgage broker details

Messaging is enabled and the broker clearly explains the value proposition of working with him. We recommend including keywords like “mortgage broker” in the about section and title of the page. This will increase the amount of people that find you organically through Facebook.

The broker regularly posts content, updates, and news. This keeps followers engaged and aware. Don’t make the common mistake of posting one per month. Post daily or as often as possible. 

Facebook mortgage broker

Final thoughts on mortgage broker lead generation

Being a loan officer or mortgage broker is not easy. You have to constantly hunt for leads to maximize monthly volume. You have to roll up your sleeves and cold call all day. While these things are what most brokers experience, you don’t have to be one of them. 

You can work smarter, not harder by beginning with Facebook Ads. Create lead generation ads that offer a free resource in exchange for people’s information. Install a Facebook Pixel on your website to generate lookalike audiences or target your precise location. 

Secondly, don’t underestimate the power of inbound marketing. By producing contextual and value content, you attract leads to your business naturally. Answer questions clients commonly ask and focus on long-tail SEO keywords for the best results. You can also use these during the outbound process.

Lastly, use social media correctly. Optimize all of your profiles for keywords related to your location and mortgage services. Add high quality pictures and cover photos. Share content on a regular basis to increase reach and authority. Engage with people and start conversations. 

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